How to write a cold email that gets a response

  When it comes to selling our products or services, one of the biggest challenges is to secure an initial meeting. Even when reaching out sounds as easy as sending an email, getting a positive response to your cold email is probably one of the toughest thing to do. If you can’t get them to reply to your email, it’s going to be hard to get their business. So what does it take to capture … [Read more...]

Get these two business metrics right and watch your business grow

  Don't let all the analytics and metrics available for your business get in the way of the only two things that are truly important ... 1. What is the cost of acquiring a customer? (COA) What does it cost to acquire, or get, a new customer? 2. What is the immediate customer (order) value (ICV) What is the value of the order placed by the customer? So what do each of these mean, and … [Read more...]

Email autoresponder is the lazy marketer’s friend

  If your business isn’t currently scheduling at least one series of automated email autoresponder for your customer and prospect list, then in the words of marketing expert Chris Hexton of Vero, you’re missing out on “the email marketing sweet spot.” Autoresponders are a timesaving way of being able to connect with your list, or a segment of it, via a series of personalised and … [Read more...]

Email subject lines – the experts weigh in on what works and what doesn’t.

  Email marketing isn’t going to work if the email subject line flops. If you can’t get your email opened, then it doesn’t matter what sizzling offer it contains. Smart small businesses are harnessing the power of email marketing as an effective means of presenting information to clients – both current and future. Of course for an email campaign to have any impact, the message needs to … [Read more...]

The art of increasing your website conversion rates: why a little flirting can help you sell online

You’d be surprised to know how many of our customers call us because they are perplexed by the lack of sales on their websites. They’ve spent thousands developing flashy new websites, employing copywriters to create engaging copy for them but in the end, very few prospects press that “Buy now” button. When they come to us they are desperate to increase website conversion rate, and all I hear are … [Read more...]

Email marketing for Christmas sales that actually delivers? You bet!

Yes, it’s time for another email marketing campaign but don’t you worry - with a little help from the team at Spring Into Sales this one doesn’t have to be a waste of time. In fact, your email Christmas marketing campaign is not only going to send your Christmas sales up through the roof, it’s also going to stop your prospects from being tempted to press that nasty Unsubscribe button! So, if … [Read more...]

I’ll invest in sales and marketing once cash flow improves – NOT!

The sentence that you are about to read is the catch 22 of  business marketing, a dilemma those of us working in the sales and marketing businesses hear every single day. Here it goes: "Not now, I can’t really invest in sales and marketing now because there’s no money coming through my door - I have a cash flow problem at the moment." Does that ring a bell? Don’t bury your head in the … [Read more...]

Ten crucial questions you must ask before hiring a sales agent

  Sales agents, sales representatives, salespersons, wholesale agents, leads, venders – you may call them whatever you want but the important thing is for you to pick up that phone and call them now. Why? Can’t you try to get into retail stores on your own? After all, who knows your product better than yourself, right? Right. No doubt about that. However, a sales agent – a … [Read more...]

Does cold calling still work?

When it comes to getting your products in store, a little face time goes a long way. It seems that even in this very digital day and age, most of us still prefer the old human touch. That’s why, if you are thinking about introducing your new line of products to a retailer, you would be wise not to discard some of the more traditional approaches. The glory days of Cold Calling are not over … [Read more...]

Don’t blow your chance to get your products into retail stores

The anticipation is killing you as you make your way towards your door. It’s your brand new catalogue being delivered. After blood, sweat, and tears, and a lot of monies invested in designers, copywriters, photographers and the lot, it’s finally here. This is going to change things for you. It has to, because up until now it really hasn’t been that easy. Getting your new products into retail … [Read more...]

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