Digital Marketing RoadMap ($1270-$1770)

The comprehensive  Digital Marketing Roadmap will provide you with focus, strategy and priorities to grow your business.

The Roadmap is custom built for your business, and includes:

  • comprehensive pathways built specifically for your business, including priorities and deadlines
  • financial modelling to illustrate how to increase revenues
  • strategies to increase your revenues by increasing walletshare and marketshare
  • lifetime customer value and cost of acquiring new customers, and how it applies to your business growth
  • tactics to attract traffic as well as increase your traffic flow
  • lead capture strategies and tactics
  • engagement steps and strategies, nurturing and turning leads into customers
  • pathways to increase your customer loyalty and referrals
  • how to increase your revenues by 10%, which could increase your sales by $10,000 to $50,000 per annum
  • identification of gaps in your current marketing strategy, and how to bridge those gaps

 To build this plan we draw on years of experience in creating and running successful e-commerce businesses, a marketing degree coupled with European marketing real-world experience in an accounting firm, marketing director of a women’s lifestyle magazine, IT background and major marketing and account management in the USA.

You’ll be as delighted as our other clients have been when you receive your plan and finally have direction and focus on how to grow your business, increase the LifeTime Value of your customers, and know exactly where to focus your marketing dollars to get quick and effective returns.

 Because of the time involved to build each Roadmap we are only able to take on a limited number of RoadMap Clients each month. To be considered, send your business and contact details to 

Email Marketing for lead nurturing and increasing sales ($127 ph)

Did you know that for every $1 you spend on email marketing, you could get a return of $40? But if you treat email marketing as an pitchfest, you won’t get those returns, you’ll get unsubscribes.  Did you know that your email and blog content combo can skyrocket your website ranking using organic SEO benefits?

If you aren’t sending any emails, or you hate doing it, or you aren’t getting real revenue from it, then you’ll want this service. I love this stuff. I’ve won 2 international awards (top 10% of 500,000+ companies in email engagement). I’ll love to get it working for you so that your customers will be looking forward to your next email, and clicking to spend some money.

Conversion is about timing and techniques of persuasion (not manipulation).

Your customer receives engaging emails that they want to open, read and click on. You get rewarded with more sales, and more leads from your existing customers. And more time to spend doing what you love in your business.

We combine excellent writing with proven sales psychology techniques minus the sleaze and manipulation.

By the way, for consecutive years, I am the only Australian ranked in the international Top 10% of 500,000 for email marketing effectiveness.


SEO Keyword Research and Competitor’s Analysis ($299)

You can’t make decisions about how people will find you if you don’t have a comprehensive analysis of how they have searched in the past. To create this report, we brainstorm not only with you, but internally to ensure that we’ve thought of possibilities that you haven’t considered.

We manually trawl your competitor’s sites to gain insider information on how they are optimised. The results are usually surprising!


This 15-20 page report is invaluable for any business wanting insight and real statistics on how their future customers are searching for their products and services.

This report forms the basis of our SEO Content Marketing Services.

SEO OnPage Optimisation (from $399)

Don’t assume that your website is optimised correctly and that Google understands what the value of each page is. We work through all the pages on your website manually. We don’t rely on unreliable tools which don’t find what a real person can find. Every page is checked and SEO’d so that Google will find it and rank it according to its value to the searcher.

SEO Monthly Services (ranges from $199-$999 pm)

This SEO monthly service is based on real content that we load onto your website, optimise it and ensure that not only will Google love it, but so with your customers and prospects. We write here in Australia, we believe that our language has a particular style to it, and we want to engage with your Australian customer.

This SEO service is transparent.

You’ll see, each month, content in the form of blog posts loaded onto your website. You’ll also receive Press Releases each month as part of this service, which are also optimised to improve your google ranking. But the good news is that these Press Releases will be loved by journalists as well.

This SEO service is based on the common wisdom that if you want your website to be found and if you expect it to happen overnight, then it can disappear just as quickly. This SEO monthly service provides you with real blog content and press releases that will last and be useful for the next several years. You own all the content produced.



Email Marketing Award

Email Marketing Award


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