Email Newsletters: 4 secrets to keep customer focus

Email Newsletters must focus on the customer if they are to work. 

In the time that it takes you to read this sentence an astonishing 20 email marketing 4 secretsmillion emails have been sent.

It is no wonder there is a discontent with emails.

 So how do you write an email newsletter that resonates with the reader?

In this article,  you’ll find four secrets to writing emails that will build relationships with your readers and keep your email newsletter welcomed into their Inboxes.

 Secret One: Focus on the reader

Write your email newsletter.

When you have finished, print it out, and grab a red pen and a blue pen.

Read through and highlight all the ‘me’, ‘my’, ‘our’, ‘we’ words in red.  Then highlight all the ‘you’ and ‘yours’ words in blue.

How does your paper look?

If it is full of blue highlights, congratulations! You are well on the road to communicating directly with your reader. If you have a lot of red highlights, then rewrite it to focus more on the customer, and less on the ‘you’.

 Secret Two: Write for one person only

Email newsletters are an effective way to automate communication with future and existing customers. However, the best email feels personal. How do you achieve that, and still send out this email to thousands?

Close your eyes and picture one of your best customers. Only one. Start writing your email to this one person. Be conversational, be friendly, but not overly familiar or full of slang.

Bad writing isn’t okay!

People want to feel important – cater to that.

 Secret Three: Get inside the reader’s head

Social media isn’t only about pushing out content. It is a marvelous place to listen in to customer conversations.  Not only does it give you amazing insights into what is going on in your customer’s lives, but you also eavesdrop and pick up the exact language that they are using as well.

Using their phrasing, language and terminology in your email newsletter will allow you to resonate directly with them.

Take the ‘you’ speak out, and put the ‘customer’ speak in.

 Secret Four: Build a bridge for them

Before I write any email newsletter, I always pose the question:

What is the problem this reader is facing?

Starting with this question in mind keeps the focus directly on the reader, and the intention of the email ‘pure’. The reader will feel your intention – to help them – and this is more likely to build the bridge of trust.

Build a bridge from their problem to your solution, and they’ll follow right along with you.

 You can ask for the order in the email.

Just start with the problem the person is facing first, and connect the solution that you offer with this problem.

Instead of thinking about what you will gain from this email, think about how you can assist the reader. Be helpful, of assistance and sincere.

It is these simple qualities that will help you become a trusted vendor and build a strong relationship with them – through their Inbox.

Is there a secret that resonates with you?


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