Facebook Frustrations: I’ve dropped out of my Liker’s Newsfeed. Help!

Are you getting lots of engagement on Facebook?

Do you have lots of Likers, but they aren’t coming back to your Page?

Have you dropped out of your Liker’s Newsfeed?

Can they still see your posts?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, you are experiencing changes to the Facebook secret algorithm that is frustrating many other Page Owners.

The good news — it is easy to fix.

Your Likers teach Facebook about themselves. If they enjoy your content, they’ll engage with it. Maybe they’ll click Like, or maybe they’ll comment on a post,  or possibly share it with a friend.

If they read it passively, they are teaching Facebook that your content is not as interesting to them as other content.

So you ‘fall off ‘ their newsfeed.

How to get back in their Newsfeeds — the fix.

You’ll need to run Promoted Post ads. It is the best and least expensive way and super easy way to get back into their feeds. You can run them for as little as $5, depending on the size of your Facebook Page.

But you have to do them right!

Here is how.

Post up a image*, related to your business, and ask for a Like, Share or Comment. In my example below, I’ve asked for a handbag name just because I know my Likers really enjoy doing this. But you want to keep it super simple.

How to Run A Promoted Post

Click ‘Promote’ on the bottom right hand side of your post.

Choose the $amount and ‘people who like your page’

Choose Promote

Choose Promote


And you are done!

This will push your post out into your Liker’s Newsfeeds. And if they engage ‘physically’ with it, they are telling Facebook that they want to see more of your posts.

You’ll want to do about 4 promoted posts and then check your Insights and see whether this has helped.

But don’t stop reading. Here is the super important stuff!

You may have been in the hunt for loads of Likers in the past. But the more you have, the more you have to pay to get into their Feed.

So if your Likers are people who really don’t enjoy your page, maybe they are friends you have begged to come on over and support you, or you have gone over to another wall and participated in a ‘shout out’ of some way of getting random folks on your wall, then you are paying for them to stay!

So from this point on — be clear about your true target customer. And only get her/him on your wall. No one else! And when you get the right person, if you feed them the right content in the right way, you won’t have to pay again, because they’ll engage with you!

Think long term business lover, not short term ‘get my numbers up’.

*image should be 403 x 403 pixels. I use picmonkey.com for my images.

How did this work for you? Comment below with questions.

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