Have you got Unlikers on your Facebook Page?

Are you wanting to grow your Facebook Business page and wondering why it is stalling?

Unlike me on Facebook

Do you find yourself asking these questions?

  • Why won’t people comment on my posts?
  • Why aren’t I appearing in my Liker’s newsfeeds anymore?
  • Why is my ‘talking about this’ so low?
  • Why won’t people share my cool photos?
  • Why is that (other) Page doing so well, and mine isn’t?
  • Am I wasting time using Facebook? Should I stop?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, then maybe your problem is simple.

You’ve got unlikers on your page.

Do your Likers fit any of the following criteria?

  • They are a family member.
  • They are a friend.
  • They entered a contest.
  • They, too, put their page on a ‘shout-out’ call.
  • They are selling weight-loss.
  • They are selling SEO services.
  • They are your ‘competition’ and checking you out.

They aren’t customers or future customers. Not now, not ever.

They are unlikers!

And its time to move them on to greener pastures, so you can focus on the people who truly like what you are about, and what you might, in future, sell to them.

Do you think you might have some unlikers on your page?


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