Dumb Pricing Mistake #3 you are making, maybe…

Are you lacking in confidence? Are you getting in your own way, slowing yourself down?


Do you think your products are not good enough to wear a higher price tag?

dumb pricing mistake #3


Dumb Pricing Mistake #3 is …

… you!


Are you your own worst enemy?

Do you sabotage your hard work by underestimating the desirability of your product or service?

A lack of confidence can ruin your business.

It can cause you to price way under what your products are worth, and can send you out of business.

Your lack of confidence may be causing you to price your products too low which can communicate to your prospective customer that you don’t really think this product is worth opening their purse for.

How to fix it?

Price up your products with pride.

When someone questions the price, don’t assume it is because they think it is too expensive. Just don’t assume anything. Answer with the price — and don’t be defensive.

Stand by your prices, say them out loud and be proud!

When someone doesn’t buy your product, don’t make the jump that it is because of price. It rarely is. Again, don’t make assumptions.

Love your product. Love your prices. And love those customers who do as well.

Speak up here. What makes you worried about your price?


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