Sell Your Product to Retailers

Before I had even completed the course, my sales had almost doubled.  I highly recommend it.


Get products into shops

What to do instead of cold calling, how to approach retailers successfully, email scripts and phone scripts. A comprehensive coverage on everything you need to get your products into stores  now! 

The Wholesale Your Products into 10 Stores in One Month is an
online programme for designers who 

  • run a product based business
  • want more sales and more retailers buying their products
    • want a clear and concise plan that will get you results

    If you want someone to break it down for you step-by-step, show you how to get more retailers,
    give you phone and email scripts that work, then this is for you.

    Get results faster and better than everyone else

    Your future retailers are looking for new products all the time. Over 150,000 retailers attend
    Trade Fairs searching for products that you have - and they can't find you.

    But the problem is that many people are approaching retailers the wrong way.

    And it is actually hurting their businesses. They don't know what they are doing, so they are spending a lot of time doing things that will not get them good results.

    I can help you eliminate the intimidation and frustration of selling your products.

    One of the biggest hurdles that I have is wholesaling to new stockists. I find it intimidating and scary making contact. The techniques that Jenny taught me worked really well which meant I didn't have to cold call anymore, my stockists appreciated my products, and I ended up selling a lot more.

    Inuk Design's Kid's Wear

    How I used wholesaling to grow my business

    When I started my handbag and jewellery business in 2005 I knew it was more than a hobby. And because I had a sales background, I was confident I could sell my products to retailers in a way that they wanted to be sold to.

    But it was harder than I thought.

    I exhibited at multiple Trade Fairs including Fashion Exposed, Reed Gift Fairs and Mercedes Fashion Week.

    I did pick up some stockists, but considering what I paid to be at these events, it wasn't enough.  

    I started experimenting with phone scripts and email templates. I kept hearing from the retailers that they didn't like being interrupted during their work day (usually with cold calls),  so I created new ways of reaching them through social media. I share all of these scripts and tools that I created with you.

    Wholesale Your Products

    into 10 stores in 1 Month

    This online programme will give you all the tools you need to grow your wholesale business. 

    The Wholesale Your Products into 10 Stores in One Month is a 100% online programme. After you complete the payment, you will get access to the full course contents and videos, along with a downloadable Workbook.

    This course is for you if:

    - you want more retailers to stock your products now

    - you aren't 'salesy' and don't like being pushy

    - you want to make a good income from your business

    - you don't like selling, but know you need to get better at it

      Here is what the product does for you ...

      • Get your products onto retailer's shelves without being salesy and pushy

      • Find the perfect shops for your products, and ignore the rest

      • Use social media instead of cold calling

      • Get proven email templates that you can use immediately

      • Get phone scripts that don't sound scripted and will secure the appointment

      • Know what to do and say in the meeting that will lead to an on-the-spot order

      • Understand what retailers want before you speak to them

      • Assemble all the important items for your Wholesale Packet using examples from industry leaders

      • Know what terms you must put in place, and how to do it

      • Learn how to hire an agent without spending money

      • Price your products to protect your margins and boost profits

      There are also these bonuses

      Interview with an Australian Retailer.

      More than one hour full of questions you wished you could ask of a successful store owner. Find out how she chooses her products, how she chooses the companies to work with, why she gave a $1000 order on the spot to a new company and the number one thing you must do to keep a stockist happy.

      Interview with an experienced Product Rep/Agent.

      Avoid making mistakes and wasting money on bad agents. This is a 20 year veteran, one of the highest selling agents in Australia of well known brands (e.g. Levis). He explains exactly what an agent does, what fees they charge and how they work. Avoid the biggest mistake that business make when choosing an agent.

      Interview with a Trade Show Exhibitor.

      A product designer has just returned from exibiting at LifeInstyle, and  shares what she learned and what she'll do differently next time. 

        Lifetime Access.

        Unlimited access so you can go at your own pace and listen to the videos when you need a refresher.

        Support Group

        Support and great answers for your questions from other graduates of the course. 

        Profit and Margin Calculator

        My own profit and margin calculator I used in my business. I built it myself, based on what I needed on a regular basis - to double check that each product was profitable. I've also allowed for added commission charge from an Agent, and for different markups that various retailers might want. 

        Printable personalised workbook

        To go along with your video training, you also receive access to a downloadable workbook filled with printable worksheets ready for your notes and to tailor the video training to your business needs. My current clients tell me that they keep this workbook right next to their desk and refer to it often.

        Linesheet, catalogue and order form examples

        Don't reinvent the wheel. I've included bonus examples of the kind of materials you need to put together to look professional.

        This course is currently closed.

        The Wholesale Course has given me a great place to start. I know what needs to be done now. It has brought to my attention questions I need to ask about my business and how I can make wholesaling work for me. It has got me really motivated.

        Twenty Two Folds

        You may be thinking ...

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        Is there anything in this course I don't already know?

        I can have coffee with another designer and find this out from her

        Is it worth the money?

        How long will this take?

        My products are different. Will it work for me?

        I hate selling and I just can't do it. Will this course help?

        I just wanted to quickly say how much I enjoyed it - because of the knowledge you imparted and also importantly for creating such a great group that allow us to get together more intimately and also share experiences. Thank You so much.

        Petra Vanessie




        Once More

        • There are retailers looking for your products right now.

        • I will share new strategies that none of your competitors are using.

        • You could start seeing an increase in sales within a week.

        • I'm offering you a shortcut so that you can save money and get results.

        • You don't need to be good at selling or marketing.

        Stop Wasting Time

        Start wholesaling today

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        10 Stores in 1 Month' NOW

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        This gave us so much clarity on our business. We have cut our time in half but still make the same money! We refocussed on what was important, and cut down our work week dramatically. The information Jenny gave us in our one-on-one consult made us think of different ways to approach the same problem which is exactly what we needed to get on the track we are on now.

        Kathii from Evaglo

        This course is content rich with no waffling!

        Tracy from Teething Bling Australia


        I'm so confident of my course that you have a 30 day money back guarantee. There are too many risky options, and I don't want to be one of them. You get a full 30 day money back guarantee. Just send me an email - easy as that.

        How to wholesale your product to retail shops