I’ll invest in sales and marketing once cash flow improves – NOT!

sales and marketingThe sentence that you are about to read is the catch 22 of  business marketing, a dilemma those of us working in the sales and marketing businesses hear every single day.

Here it goes:

“Not now, I can’t really invest in sales and marketing now because there’s no money coming through my door – I have a cash flow problem at the moment.”

Does that ring a bell?

Don’t bury your head in the sand – you have to (yes, have to) market your business

How many times have you convinced yourself that you have to keep on plodding as if there was no tomorrow in order to bring enough money to pay for fancy marketing strategies?

Probably far too many times.

But what if I was to encourage you to step out of that frame of mind for a second and help you flip that question so that this time it would read something like this?

“I have a cash flow problem because I haven’t invested in sales and marketing.”


Have I hit a nerve?

I sure have, and a painful one, I am aware of it. Apologies.

But you see, the reason it hurts that much is because deep inside you know that putting sales and marketing at the very bottom of your priority list is the very reason you have a cash flow problem. You’ve always known it. Plus you’ve read it in the endless “How to market your business” guides and eBooks everyone is so keen to share.

So, what’s the problem?

The problem is that you’ve been busy beavering away at building your products and services, getting your website looking cool, and agonising over small details like the colour of your business cards.

But while your website might feature the fanciest of revolving sliders and your business cards might be embedded in gold, if no one knows about what you do, it’s all pointless.

Investing in a marketing road map that puts your sales and marketing first will lead to increased money in your pocket.

There’s no two ways about it.

Increased revenues, will free up more cash for you to work on more products or improving the current ones.

This is not the case of what was first, the chicken or the egg.

Without business marketing there is no business.

So, how do you do go about getting out of that hole you’ve dug for yourself?

This is what you do to take your business to the next level.

1. Change you mind-set.

First and foremost.

You need to operate under the premise that putting money on marketing and sales is your number one priority. Forget about that next new product you were thinking about.

It’s time to build demand and have people queue for your products, rather than build an inventory without customers.

2. Include a genuine marketing event in the tasks of your Top Priority Daily List.

No, Facebook posts and 140 character tweets do not count. It needs to be an activity that will increase your customer count, something like a Joint Venture partnership with a like-minded non-competitive company or a face-to-face event. Or some well worded and targeted online ads.

3. Hire a sales agent or distributor to do the hard selling for you.

That you know all about fashion, air conditioners or lollies, doesn’t mean that you know how to sell them. So, getting someone on board that is in tune with what you do and who has experience in your field can multiply your sales tremendously.

A word of caution though.

Make sure you read this guide first so you hire the agent that is right for you and your business! http://springintosales.com/product/selling-products-sales-agents/

4. Research and approach suitable retailers or customers.

If you are a product wholesaler, spend time researching who will love your product range, and make a point of contacting them this week – an average of 5-10 calls and/or emails every single day should do the trick.

Another word of caution.

You get one chance so don’t wing it.

Get proven scripts for emails and phone calls in this comprehensive course right here .http://springintosales.com/product/wholesale-your-products-ecourse/

5. Hire a marketing agency.

A little over the top?

Not necessarily.

If you are committed to make the most of what you’ve created you should find a group of experts that know how to market your business. A good marketing agency will build sales funnels, run excellent online marketing strategies and build your Digital Roadmap to keep you on track. Find out more here: http://springintosales.com/digital-marketing-services/

So, what will you put on your To Do Priority List for tomorrow?

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