How to Increase Website Sales and Leads

Got a website? Need to improve sales and get more leads?

Often it can be a small tweak that makes a huge difference.

Here are several quick tweak videos that will show you how to increase sales and leads on your website, even if you are a non-techie.

Each video is bite sized, but there are several hours of free advice I’ll provided for these businesses websites. If you are serious about yours, you might want to put aside the time to watch.

1. Clothing Designer – DonnaH – gets a website review

Beautiful clothes don’t always sell quickly if the website isn’t working hard. Here is the advice that I give to Donna to improve her sales and increase her leads.

2. Jenny Spring reviews Holly Barker Milinery

In this website tweaks review you’ll learn about some simple changes that Holly could make that would increase her leads.

3. Jenny Spring reviews jewellery designer MaxineFaye’s website

In this review you’ll learn about the use and misuse of colours, and how they can be used to draw attention and move people into the direction you want them to take. Also, you’ll learn about how to decide on the number of menu items you should use, and what they could be to increase conversions.

4.  Jenny Spring reviews kid’s shampoo company, Moptops 4 Kids

In this review you’ll learn where the most important place on your website is, and how to use it. Also, I talk about slides on a webpage, and what you need to be aware of if you decide to use them. You’ll also hear about using the colour blue on a website and what it means. If you have product pages on your website, you’ll want to listen to the end to hear about how you should keep these sorted.

Where to go from here?

If you are a product designer, product wholesaler, stockist, retailer or online retailer, then you should watch each video and use the tweaks for your own website.

You can get your website reviewed, and learn many more tactics that will help increase your sales and leads.

For more details, find our training course here –  Top 10 Secret Website Tweaks.
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