Magic Persuasive Words: Part 2

I’ve been obsessed with the reality TV show “The Voice”. Not only do I love the calibre of talent, but I’m rather taken with Seal.


Because he has a magnetic personality, and people can’t help but do what he says.

So when one of the other judges – Joel from Good Charlotte – said “I said exactly the same thing, but he said it smoother”, it highlighted how easily the right words can be used to be highly persuasive.

How does Seal do it? How can you?

Last post we looked at ‘because’ as a persuasive word.

This post we’ll be looking at NOW.

Again, it comes from our childhood doesn’t it?

13 year old: ‘Can I watch this show on TV tonight?’
Me: ‘You really need to go to bed.’
13 year old: ‘Oh, why can’t I? I love this show.’
Me: ’I said go to bed NOW’.

NOW is an end, and pretty much stops further negotiation and discussion. It is an ACTION word, it drives us to do something straight away.
Are you ready to sign this contract now?
How would you like to pay for that now?
Will you be taking that dress now?
Modern marketers love this word, and there is a tendency to over use it.

3 ways to make money NOW!
Pick up the phone and call NOW!

How do I use it?

When I’m wanting to move a potential sale to its conclusion, I might use ‘now’ to test the waters. It might be all I need to move the person to a decision. And if I’ve established a good relationship thus far, she’ll/he’ll be happy to get there as well.
So how about you? Are you ready to try it out now?

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  1. Ooo, gotta love a good action word!! Thanks for the tip Jenny!!

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