Magic Persuasive Words: Part 1

Ever wondered about those people who seem to be able to find the right words at the right time?

And get what they want?

Maybe you are one of those people?

If not, read on.

There are some simple words that we can use that will increase our chances of getting ‘ YES’, an agreement, a buy in.

Here is one.


Because has roots in our childhood, doesn’t it? ‘You can’t go play because I SAID SO’. Sound a bit familiar?

(Just remove the ‘stern Mum’s voice’ when you use it please!)

‘Because’ implies a cause and effect. The expectation is that what is said after the ‘because’ is what will happen. For example:

Purchase this eye cream because it will lessen your wrinkles.
I use this car because it is safe.

I was reading about a simple study on ‘because’. It goes like this.

People were lined up at a photocopier, ready to make copies. A woman came up to the line and asked ‘ can I please cut in line because I need to make copies’. Apparently she had a 94% success rate. Not bad.

When she said ‘can I please cut in line’, she had a 60% success rate. Pretty good, but I know I’d be putting that word right back in there! Wouldn’t you?

So how about trying out ‘because’ at your next meeting, or on your spouse, or on your next customer?

Tell me how it goes for you, because I think you’ll be happy you did.

Image credit Chihiro
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