Your website is not creative unless it sells

David Ogilvy was a great advertising guy. In 1962, Time magazine hailed him 'the wizard of modern advertising'. He was responsible for many memorable adverts and worked with companies like Schweppes and Rolls Royce. He was a pioneer of soft-sell ads that were full of information and didn't insult the intellingence of the reader. Ogilvy knew the point of advertising. ... it is useless … [Read more...]

Are you talking yourself out of a sale?

I used to think that a sales person was a person who had 'the gift of the gab'. And that if you could talk a lot ... you'd just reel in those customers!   It wasn't until I noticed that sometimes, right when I thought I had the sale, I lost it. Right when it was an absolute certainty, in the bag, for sure! And then I started to hear myself talking all the way out of the … [Read more...]

Have you got Unlikers on your Facebook Page?

Are you wanting to grow your Facebook Business page and wondering why it is stalling? Do you find yourself asking these questions? Why won't people comment on my posts? Why aren't I appearing in my Liker's newsfeeds anymore? Why is my 'talking about this' so low? Why won't people share my cool photos? Why is that (other) Page doing so well, and mine isn't? Am I wasting time … [Read more...]

Facebook Frustrations: I’ve dropped out of my Liker’s Newsfeed. Help!

Are you getting lots of engagement on Facebook? Do you have lots of Likers, but they aren't coming back to your Page? Have you dropped out of your Liker's Newsfeed? Can they still see your posts? If you answered YES to any of the above questions, you are experiencing changes to the Facebook secret algorithm that is frustrating many other Page Owners. The good news -- it is easy to … [Read more...]

Dumb Pricing Mistake #3 you are making, maybe…

Are you lacking in confidence? Are you getting in your own way, slowing yourself down?   Do you think your products are not good enough to wear a higher price tag?   Dumb Pricing Mistake #3 is ... ... you!   Are you your own worst enemy? Do you sabotage your hard work by underestimating the desirability of your product or service? A lack of confidence can … [Read more...]

Make Your Idea Matter by Bernadette Jiwa

It is a rare gift to be able to write clearly. Right to the heart of the matter. I wish I possessed that gift, I don't. But luckily for you, Bernadette Jiwa does! This Amazon best seller is like holiday reading ... except useful. It is easy on the eye, a page turner, and so full of wisdom. It transports you to another place, a place where the customer feels honoured, respected and … [Read more...]

Why Facebook is like real life and how to stop freaking out about it.

Facebook isn't so hard, but why do we keep freaking out about it? Gotta post everyday. No-one is reading my posts. No-one cares about me. How do I get more likers. What do I post.... Refocus your purpose on Facebook and answer this question. Who is your NEXT BEST CUSTOMER? a. a total stranger? b. the friend of your current customer? If you answer 'a' then you just got evicted from the … [Read more...]

Dumb Pricing Mistake #2 that you might be making

Do your customer's eyes glaze over when they read your swing tag? Or your service pricing sheet? Do they look confused? Dumb Pricing Mistake #2 is random pricing. Random pricing happens when you do Dumb Mistake #1. Random pricing exhausts your customers. It is a wallet-closer. Lets fix it now. Look at your products or services. All of them. Put them into groupings. It might be by … [Read more...]

Dumb pricing mistake #1 that people make

There is a simple mistake that most business owners of products and service providers make. I used to, but once I learned how to set my prices properly it totally changed my profitability. Dumb Pricing Mistake #1 is pricing your product and service based on its cost. Now don’t get me wrong. You have to know your costs. Costs are expenses like labour, materials, shipping, overheads like … [Read more...]

Stop Basking and Start Working

So you've had a busy day in your store, or at your market stall. Your feet hurt, your back is aching, and you are planning a day of rest. Wrong. The day after any special event, should be planned for as much as the event itself. The post day activities are critical to maintaining your newly found customer base and essential to moving a potential customer into a real one. Here is my Top … [Read more...]

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