Dumb Pricing Mistake #2 that you might be making

product pricing

Do your customer’s eyes glaze over when they read your swing tag?

Or your service pricing sheet?

Do they look confused?

Dumb Pricing Mistake #2 is random pricing.

Random pricing happens when you do Dumb Mistake #1.

Random pricing exhausts your customers. It is a wallet-closer.

Lets fix it now.

Look at your products or services. All of them.

Put them into groupings. It might be by function. By desirability. By shopper type.

Now choose 3 prices. Yes, just 3. Don’t be afraid.

Now regroup your products into each of those 3 price groupings. Get your trusty pricing tagger out and click away.

Voila, it is that easy.

Don’t be afraid. Ask questions and post comments below. What do you think?


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