Are the rotating images on your website killing sales?

Every single person landing on your website is a potential buyer that can increase your website sales , whether that’s a product, service or pure information.

Are images on your home page killing sales?

But are your website visitors taking the action you want them to?

To make them take action, you need to make their visit pleasant, easy and clear of clutter and distractions.

Your site needs to be clear with what you are offering and be able to tell the visitors what they came for then gently lead them to Checkout and Thank You page.

But at times visitors are prevented from doing this because many websites contain elements that determine whether these visits convert.  And one of the biggest culprits are automatic image sliders on home page.

 Automatic sliding images are annoying

Automatic slides are images or combinations of images and text that slide without any form of visitor activation. They display messages with links to internal pages, such as recent posts and upcoming events. Many marketers believe in sliders, seeing them as promotion opportunities.

But what businesses using automatic sliders forget to do is test their performance. Perhaps they’re not aware of the consequences and don’t know whether the automatic sliders boost or harm conversion rates. They think sliders are cool and used them as a form of advertisement.


A designer should know automatic sliders are bad news

Another worry is, their website designers are not discouraging them, when designers should stay up to date with reviews on products they’re using in their services. They should ensure what they provide helps the business to grow.


Conversion rates increase when automatic sliders are removed

Based on conversion and usability tests by groups like AG Consult, automatic sliders, carousels and accordions annoy users, reduce visibility and clicks, and therefore reduced conversion rates.


In their test for Emob4kids, they recorded an increased record in clicks (more than 187%) and a whopping 75% increase in sales when they replaced automatic sliders and carousels with grids of static images.

 Emob4kids stopped their rotating images and increased sales by 75%.

In his test, usability guru Jakob Nielsen of Nielsen Norman Group found that users were not clear on which call to action to follow, as the sliders were distracting the users and hiding the calls to action.


What tests confirm

Tests confirm that automatic sliders tend to:


  • Slow down websites – and slow websites lose out in SEO
  • Distract users and so they get lost
  • Appear like adverts, therefore the point is often missed
  • Fail on mobile devices
  • Reduce Google ranking in the search results
  • Move too fast, making it hard to catch the message
  • Repeat too often or have long, dragging rotations
  • Give too many options and so users remain undecided.

Worst of all, surveyed website owners don’t remember why they chose to have sliders to begin with.


Stop using automatic sliders

Even if your competitors use automatic sliders, you don’t need to copy them. You don’t know (and they probably don’t know) whether that’s converting well for them.

Without compromising design and quality, you can use typography, icons and images that mean something and have a real purpose, which is to inform your visitor on what you’re website is  all about and why they should choose you.

Avoid moveable objects and texts. Instead, place a clear call to action in plain view.

What should I do on my Home Page? Help!

Build your Home Page without using sliders.

Here are some of our  Website Tweaks online course customers who have engaged in Home Pages and are not using sliders.

Happy As Larry Home Page after Website Tweaks Course has a static home page.

Home Page Changes has a strong Home Page without using sliders.

Need more convincing?

Check to see whether you should or shouldn’t use sliders or carousels on your site.

Need more help?

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  1. Jenny your a star! But you already knew that didn’t you. Probably hear it all the time.

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Please do not use sliders or anything else that constantly moves, they’re more annoying that pop-ups, and that’s saying something. Encountering such things is all the worse for me because I have both dyslexia and ADHD. Can you even begin to imagine how much I loathe things constantly moving on a screen especially when it’s happening at the edge of my vision? Even if I had no learning differences I would detest such things. As an Instructional Designer I can assure everyone that constant on-screen movement is a big no no.

    Thank you Jenny for providing evidence that use of these distracting devices is counter productive. For the moment you’re a rare but warmly welcome voice in the wilderness. Let’s hope that other voices soon join you in speaking out against the awful trend.

    Keep up the great work Jenny!

    Kerry :)

    PS: Being an intelligent individual obviously I subscribed.

  2. Hi Kerry

    Thanks for your comment.

    I appreciate your view not only as a visitor to a website, but also as an Instructional Designer.

    I am a bit of a voice in the wilderness – I’m keen for some web designers to put forward their perspective of how they increase conversions…


  3. Have read your article, am just wondering if it is a holiday rental with only the one message that is images of the actual house would that not be okay?


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