Small Business Sales

Running a small business? You know that the key to success is to create a band of loyal customers who buy from you often.

How do you do that?

As a 20 year sales professional, I'm sharing my experience on this blog with you. My sales experience comes from 10 years in corporate software account sales, and 10 years in running my own ecommerce business.

Get these two business metrics right and watch your business grow

  Don't let all the analytics and metrics available for your business get in the way of the only two things that are truly important ... 1. What is the cost of acquiring a customer? (COA) What does it cost to acquire, or get, a new customer? 2. What is the immediate customer (order) value (ICV) What is the value of the order placed by the customer? So what do each of these mean, and … [Read more...]

I’ll invest in sales and marketing once cash flow improves – NOT!

The sentence that you are about to read is the catch 22 of  business marketing, a dilemma those of us working in the sales and marketing businesses hear every single day. Here it goes: "Not now, I can’t really invest in sales and marketing now because there’s no money coming through my door - I have a cash flow problem at the moment." Does that ring a bell? Don’t bury your head in the … [Read more...]

Does cold calling still work?

When it comes to getting your products in store, a little face time goes a long way. It seems that even in this very digital day and age, most of us still prefer the old human touch. That’s why, if you are thinking about introducing your new line of products to a retailer, you would be wise not to discard some of the more traditional approaches. The glory days of Cold Calling are not over … [Read more...]

How to take a simple idea and use it to grow your sales four ways

Let me introduce you to Tracy, a business owner how, like you and other thousands of small business owners around the world, are juggling a start-up, a part-time job and the ever challenging task of raising kids.Tracy was tired of wearing uncomfortable PJs and decided to start Skirties Sleepwear. Not being a designer herself, did not stop Tracy from creating her own range of comfortable PJs. … [Read more...]

What NOT to say to a customer

What not to say to a customer. Ever had this happen to you? You think that the sale is 'in the bag'. Things are moving along beautifully, the person is ready to buy, all the signs are looking great -- and then the sale screeches to a halt. The (future) customer starts to look disinterested, and makes up an excuse for a speedy exit. What happened? Did you say something from my -- What Not … [Read more...]

Unique selling proposition Fill-in-the-Blanks template

Writing your unique selling proposition (USP), or elevator pitch, is difficult. Trying to disseminate your business into one or two sentences that highlight what makes your business, your business sounds easy. But it isn't ... until the Fill-in-the-blanks USP template! When Kevin Rogers, ex-comedian and now expert copywriter and owner of The Copywriter's Edge  blogged about building your USP … [Read more...]

Are you talking yourself out of a sale?

I used to think that a sales person was a person who had 'the gift of the gab'. And that if you could talk a lot ... you'd just reel in those customers!   It wasn't until I noticed that sometimes, right when I thought I had the sale, I lost it. Right when it was an absolute certainty, in the bag, for sure! And then I started to hear myself talking all the way out of the … [Read more...]

Have you got Unlikers on your Facebook Page?

Are you wanting to grow your Facebook Business page and wondering why it is stalling? Do you find yourself asking these questions? Why won't people comment on my posts? Why aren't I appearing in my Liker's newsfeeds anymore? Why is my 'talking about this' so low? Why won't people share my cool photos? Why is that (other) Page doing so well, and mine isn't? Am I wasting time … [Read more...]

Facebook Frustrations: I’ve dropped out of my Liker’s Newsfeed. Help!

Are you getting lots of engagement on Facebook? Do you have lots of Likers, but they aren't coming back to your Page? Have you dropped out of your Liker's Newsfeed? Can they still see your posts? If you answered YES to any of the above questions, you are experiencing changes to the Facebook secret algorithm that is frustrating many other Page Owners. The good news -- it is easy to … [Read more...]

Make Your Idea Matter by Bernadette Jiwa

It is a rare gift to be able to write clearly. Right to the heart of the matter. I wish I possessed that gift, I don't. But luckily for you, Bernadette Jiwa does! This Amazon best seller is like holiday reading ... except useful. It is easy on the eye, a page turner, and so full of wisdom. It transports you to another place, a place where the customer feels honoured, respected and … [Read more...]