Why Facebook is like real life and how to stop freaking out about it.

Facebook isn't so hard, but why do we keep freaking out about it? Gotta post everyday. No-one is reading my posts. No-one cares about me. How do I get more likers. What do I post.... Refocus your purpose on Facebook and answer this question. Who is your NEXT BEST CUSTOMER? a. a total stranger? b. the friend of your current customer? If you answer 'a' then you just got evicted from the … [Read more...]

Stop Basking and Start Working

So you've had a busy day in your store, or at your market stall. Your feet hurt, your back is aching, and you are planning a day of rest. Wrong. The day after any special event, should be planned for as much as the event itself. The post day activities are critical to maintaining your newly found customer base and essential to moving a potential customer into a real one. Here is my Top … [Read more...]

Magic Persuasive Words: Part 3

Please don't be annoyed with me this week. Thank you in advance! Following on from our magic persuasive words from the previous two posts, we have the all time favourites: PLEASE! THANK YOU! When someone says please, you know they are asking for a favour. Don't you? Do you feel coerced? Manipulated? Upset that they are using words to cajole their way into getting … [Read more...]

Magic Persuasive Words: Part 2

I’ve been obsessed with the reality TV show “The Voice”. Not only do I love the calibre of talent, but I’m rather taken with Seal. Why? Because he has a magnetic personality, and people can’t help but do what he says. So when one of the other judges – Joel from Good Charlotte – said “I said exactly the same thing, but he said it smoother”, it highlighted how easily the right words can be … [Read more...]

Magic Persuasive Words: Part 1

Ever wondered about those people who seem to be able to find the right words at the right time? And get what they want? Maybe you are one of those people? If not, read on. There are some simple words that we can use that will increase our chances of getting ' YES', an agreement, a buy in. Here is one. BECAUSE. Because has roots in our childhood, doesn't it? 'You can't go play … [Read more...]

Remove Choice Paralysis

In our Too Much Jam entry last week, we discussed the problems with having too many choices for consumers. They arrive in our store, or at our market table, or around our conference table, and are overwhelmed by choice. Choice paralysis sets in. So what can we do to overcome this and gently nudge this overwhelmed person through to a sale? Would the results be different if you have a sales … [Read more...]

LOVE those returns and you’ll WIN

Don't just smile and take it back, LOVE those returned products. Why? Interesting research has uncovered details about the 'pain' centres in the brain, and how how they light up when there is 'buying pain' from when they see an item that seems over priced. Seems like it might follow for companies that have a poor or difficult returns policy. Lights those pain centres on fire and fills … [Read more...]

How to increase sales 6X

Maybe you are a product designer, and believe that the key to success if having lots of products.  Or a shop owner and have been buying lots of stock. Or a website developer with menus of service offerings. Increasing your product choices could be reducing your sales. Is there such a thing as too many choices? Have you ever found yourself paralysed and not been able to make a decision? So you … [Read more...]

Service Beyond the Smile in New Zealand

Holidays. I love them!I've just returned from a 3 week holiday with my family in New Zealand.  And I'm very impressed with the simple, easy customer service I experienced.Here is one example.Originally we were to have our Apex rental car for 3 weeks, however, due to some unseasonably bad weather, we decided to change our trip. The changes required quite a bit of work for Apex; phone calls, … [Read more...]

Who drives product development in your business? You or your customers?

An inspiring video to start this post -(I'm still smiling at the size of this 'personal computer').This ad was made in 1984!Apple were positioning personal computers for every person. 'And you don't have to be a genuis to use it', was in contradiction to the common wisdom of the day, that only 'smart computer people' could use computers. Or had any need to.Fast forward 27 years, and it is hard to … [Read more...]