Dumb Pricing Mistake #3 you are making, maybe…

Are you lacking in confidence? Are you getting in your own way, slowing yourself down?   Do you think your products are not good enough to wear a higher price tag?   Dumb Pricing Mistake #3 is ... ... you!   Are you your own worst enemy? Do you sabotage your hard work by underestimating the desirability of your product or service? A lack of confidence can … [Read more...]

Dumb Pricing Mistake #2 that you might be making

Do your customer's eyes glaze over when they read your swing tag? Or your service pricing sheet? Do they look confused? Dumb Pricing Mistake #2 is random pricing. Random pricing happens when you do Dumb Mistake #1. Random pricing exhausts your customers. It is a wallet-closer. Lets fix it now. Look at your products or services. All of them. Put them into groupings. It might be by … [Read more...]