I’ll invest in sales and marketing once cash flow improves – NOT!

The sentence that you are about to read is the catch 22 of  business marketing, a dilemma those of us working in the sales and marketing businesses hear every single day. Here it goes: "Not now, I can’t really invest in sales and marketing now because there’s no money coming through my door - I have a cash flow problem at the moment." Does that ring a bell? Don’t bury your head in the … [Read more...]

Why Facebook is like real life and how to stop freaking out about it.

Facebook isn't so hard, but why do we keep freaking out about it? Gotta post everyday. No-one is reading my posts. No-one cares about me. How do I get more likers. What do I post.... Refocus your purpose on Facebook and answer this question. Who is your NEXT BEST CUSTOMER? a. a total stranger? b. the friend of your current customer? If you answer 'a' then you just got evicted from the … [Read more...]