Magic Persuasive Words: Part 3

Please don't be annoyed with me this week. Thank you in advance! Following on from our magic persuasive words from the previous two posts, we have the all time favourites: PLEASE! THANK YOU! When someone says please, you know they are asking for a favour. Don't you? Do you feel coerced? Manipulated? Upset that they are using words to cajole their way into getting … [Read more...]

Magic Persuasive Words: Part 2

I’ve been obsessed with the reality TV show “The Voice”. Not only do I love the calibre of talent, but I’m rather taken with Seal. Why? Because he has a magnetic personality, and people can’t help but do what he says. So when one of the other judges – Joel from Good Charlotte – said “I said exactly the same thing, but he said it smoother”, it highlighted how easily the right words can be … [Read more...]

Magic Persuasive Words: Part 1

Ever wondered about those people who seem to be able to find the right words at the right time? And get what they want? Maybe you are one of those people? If not, read on. There are some simple words that we can use that will increase our chances of getting ' YES', an agreement, a buy in. Here is one. BECAUSE. Because has roots in our childhood, doesn't it? 'You can't go play … [Read more...]