Are you talking yourself out of a sale?

I used to think that a sales person was a person who had 'the gift of the gab'. And that if you could talk a lot ... you'd just reel in those customers!   It wasn't until I noticed that sometimes, right when I thought I had the sale, I lost it. Right when it was an absolute certainty, in the bag, for sure! And then I started to hear myself talking all the way out of the … [Read more...]

Can you let 25% of your potential customers walk out of your store empty-handed?

On average, $132 per person is unspent due to 'abandoned' purchases. According to the Motorola Solutions Survey, over 25% of store visits ended in this loss of spending, and potential shoppers leaving the store? Why?A mix of reasons, including  lack of stock, limited sales assistance and waiting too long to be served.Are you letting that 25% walk out of your store and risk losing this business?How … [Read more...]