Are the rotating images on your website killing sales?

Every single person landing on your website is a potential buyer that can increase your website sales , whether that’s a product, service or pure information. But are your website visitors taking the action you want them to? To make them take action, you need to make their visit pleasant, easy and clear of clutter and distractions. Your site needs to be clear with what you are … [Read more...]

Does your website survive the 5 second test?

5 seconds is as fast as thiiiissss.... If you want to get more sales and more leads on your website, it is easier than you may think. No matter what you hope to achieve, the most important thing you want is the stranger's attention. And it needs to occur within 5 seconds. This is easier said than done. Here is a simple 5 second test. Let someone look at your site for 5 seconds, … [Read more...]