Tools I Use

I’ve been asked many times about what tools I use. So here you go.

After years in the IT industry (I was a Microsoft Techie), I’m all about value for money. I spend significant time checking out the functionality of the software I’ll be using, and how it compares to what else is on the market.

So I’ve hunted down the best tools, for the best value.

These are what I use myself.

By the way, some of these are affiliate links, which mean I earn a little commission off them. So thanks in advance if you choose to follow my link.



Constant Contact Email Service Provider

I’ve used Constant Contact for more than 7 years when I had my e-commerce business. I chose this email provider because they had an easy user interface, emails, surveys and event registration was fully integrated, and they were a well-respected, public company with strong financials.

Also, what was important to me was the ability to pull in contact details of people who weren’t able to register directly on my website, but had given me permission to send them emails.

I took a break from using this company because they didn’t have an auto-responder functionality. Now they do, so I’m pleased to be not only using this system myself but also as a Solution Provider, assisting clients to use it as well.

Constant Contact Free Trial Access

Aweber Email Service Provider

This is the one that I use, and I choose it because it has the best deliverability rates. Also, it is so easy to set up auto-responder series (which are vital), and I love the clever feature that will allow me to set up rules, so that I reduce duplication on the lists.

As an email specialist, all of the above put Aweber head and shoulders above the rest.  At $19 per month, it ends up being cheaper than the free ones!

Aweber Link

 Aweber Sales Funnel and List Automation

If you are building sales funnels and need to automate moving people from list to list depending on their behaviour, then this is the best toold to use in conjunction with Aweber. It is amazing!

AW Pro Tools

Mailchimp Email  Service Provider

This is a very popular mail platform, and easy for a beginner to get started on.  However, it is always important to consider what the costs will be once your list is over 2,000. This platform may appear to be ‘free’ but you will quickly be paying for the Follow Up automation.

BTW, I’m a Mailchimp Expert, and if you use my services, you’ll set 6 months at 50% off Mailchimp fees.



PopUps, Signup Boxes, Landing Pages and Page Design for WordPress


This is my favourite tool is one that keeps me looking fantastic on all my webpages. I can create lots of clever design features, including columns, boxes, colours, forms and so on. Again, will save a heap of money and you don’t need to know anything about page design. I use this for Landing Pages when building sales funnels.

Thrive Themes

Brilliant Tool for Editing Images for non-designers


If you haven’t heard of this brilliant cloud-tool, then you must use it today. Free for everyone, or it is worth buying the full featured version, because you’ll use it constantly! I’ve purchased the Royalty version, it is definitely worth unlocking the extra fonts and themes.



The Best WordPress Support in Australia – and beyond

I’ve discovered WPCurve, and I can’t believe the service they offer. In a jiffy, they’ll be back to you with help for your WordPress site. Its only $69 per support call, and this is all they do, so they are the experts on all things WordPress. You can also sign up for monthly support. I’ve sent several customers to them, and I’m blow away by how fast their service is.



PC and Laptop Backup

I’ve been hunting for a easy to use backup system for my laptop, and I couldn’t be happier with BackBlaze. I can set it to backup my whole PC every night (actually at 1 a.m.). It backs up to the cloud, which means that should my office be flooded, burnt or burgled, or my laptop is stolen, I’ve got a full backup ready to be restored by simply logging onto BackBlaze. You can trial it for free, but if you don’t have a good backup system you are crazy!