Unique selling proposition Fill-in-the-Blanks template

Fill-in-Blanks Unique Selling Proposition USP

Fill-in-Blanks USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

Writing your unique selling proposition (USP), or elevator pitch, is difficult. Trying to disseminate your business into one or two sentences that highlight what makes your business, your business sounds easy. But it isn’t … until the Fill-in-the-blanks USP template!

When Kevin Rogers, ex-comedian and now expert copywriter and owner of The Copywriter’s Edge  blogged about building your USP (unique selling proposition), I just had to grab it and use it.

Your USP is your unique selling proposition.

What makes you different to the other Australian businesses, who have similar products or services, to you. Why someone would buy from you and not them.

Your USP is the what you do, the why you do it, and the why someone will buy it from you.


Judging from long discussions with some of our Perth small business owners, it seems that writing this USP is akin to pulling teeth.

But fret no more!

The Fill-in-the-Blanks USP is a way of forcing yourself to think very simply about your offer in a clear way. It is brilliant, pretty easy, and a must-do for every business owner.

All you have to do is fill in the blanks.


However, I have a word of caution for you.

If you can’t do this, then you are probably over complicating it. Settle down, clear your head, and think simple. Close your eyes, and picture what your best customer has told you about why they love to buy your products. And use some of these words right inside the Fill-in-the-Blanks USP.

My name is __________________, I love _______________ but was fed up with _______________. So I created ______________ that ___________________________.


Try following these ‘rules’ when you write your Unique Selling Proposition (Fill-in-the-Blanks USP)

  • keep it to two sentences
  • describe what you have done, rather than what you will do
  • keep your product names out of the sentences
  • don’t overthink or overcomplicate
  • this is the beginning of a conversation, not an end. Make it intriguing in a conversational way
  • solve a problem for people
  • keep it simple and clear

Want to see some examples? Here is a quickie one I wrote for Mel, one of ourWholesale BootCamp students, who you can find over at www.embalmskincare.com.au.

My name is Mel, I love getting compliments about how young I look, but was fed up with horrible chemicals in my moisturiser. So I created a natural skincare that feeds my skin with only the purest, chemical free ingredients.

Want more examples? I’ve stolen shamelessly from http://ryanlee.com/rebels/

My name is Richard, I love to travel but was fed up with lousy, expensive and unreliable airline service. So I created an airline with competitive fairs that arrives on time and treats every passenger with first class service.

My name is Kerry, I love photography but was fed up with low quality photos and portrait videos captured on mobile devices. So I created an online photography course that teaches people how to take full advantage of the amazing picture-taking power inside their mobile devices.

My name is Sue, I love playing guitar but was fed up with how expensive it is to take guitar lessons. So I created and online coaching course that teaches people how to play the guitar from the comfort of their own home in a fast, easy, and fun way.

My name is Alex and I love God and business but was fed up looking for a place where Christian entrepreneurs like me can come together for spiritual insight and proven business growth training. I couldn’t find it so I created the Christian Business Academy that helps Christian business become more profitable and purposeful without compromising their faith.

Now fill in the blanks, and then say it out loud.

Does it flow? Does it sound different to your competitors? Does it roll off the tongue easily?

My pet hate is using cliched and over-used words like ‘unique’, ‘high quality’, ‘handmade’, ‘made by artisans’ … and so on. Keep them in if you really must, but if you search on those keywords, you’ll find that way too many companies are using them.

I’m over them.

If you don’t know what words to use instead, grab a thesaurus and start hunting. Don’t get too clever, but do find some fresh words.

But remember, you are not only defining who you are, you are also giving your customers the phrases that they can say to their friends. Make it easy for them by painting a clear picture in their minds. Giving them to chance to grow your sales by Word of Mouth.

Post your Fill-in-the-Blanks USP below and I’ll help you with it.

Image: Ulf Boden

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  1. I’m struggling a bit with mine… what do you think of this- My name is Sophie, I love buying presents for my friends children but was fed up with all the insipid, ‘made in china’ kids products on the market. So I created well designed, cute and colourful kids décor that inspires a new generation to have fun.
    I want to add something about being all made in Australia and at the moment its very clunky!

    • Jenny Spring says:

      HI Sophie

      Great start!

      I’d suggest you skip the Made in China and Australian Made, and focus on what makes your products ‘not-insipid’. What is it about your products that gets kids jumping up and down in excitement, and Mum’s smiling. Often we focus on where things are made, and not on what we love about the product or business. I’d get back to that with your USP.

      Love to see what you come up with next.

  2. Thanks Jenny,

    I am not from Australia, but plan to visit very soon!
    Ok here it goes…

    My name is Denise, I love Marketing but was fed up with the Premium Pricing of online programs that most newbie entrepreneurs just can’t afford and left them stuck. So I created affordable online workshops packed with juicy content that teaches struggling entrepreneurs how to get their business branded and running in 28 days using little or no cost products (clients included).

    What do you think?

    • Jenny Spring says:

      Hello Denise

      Yes, come on down!

      Love it! Makes me want to go over and check your site (which I’m going to do right now!).


  3. I tried this on our new product idea and it works a treat. It’s not overwhelming either (I find some of those how to sites just far too demanding of my time) I also found this is a great way to start refining those USP aspects of my business plan. No kidding!

    • Jenny Spring says:

      Hi Cynthia

      I’d love to hear your product USP!

      Yes, I agree. It is such a simple way of looking at our USP, and really being focussed on it, and not distracted.

      Glad it worked for you.

      • Here it is!

        My name is Cynthia, I love cool fashion leggings but was fed up with poorly fitting leggings with uninspiring public domain pictures on them. So I created my own leggings that fit like a magic second skin, don’t move around when they shouldn’t and feature unique, artist created, real artwork!

        This helped me to refine my business plan UPS and my goals. Still working on the plan a bit but it is getting closer! WOOT!

        • and I apologise about the use of unique and artwork…still working on the tone of that…
          heading to “and feature real artwork!”

        • Jenny Spring says:

          Hi Cynthia

          A great start!

          I’d suggest you change ‘public domain pictures’ to something else. Not everyone knows what this is.

          Why did your original leggings not fit? Maybe expand a little more on the beginning of your sentence, to see if you can connect with someone else who will relate to the same problem.


          • great advice! will do :)

          • hows this…

            My name is Cynthia. I love cool fashion leggings but was fed up with poorly fitting leggings that I had to pull up every five minutes with baggy knees and overly tight low rise waists. I hated the uninspiring designs with slapped on web pictures I see every day on the net. So I created my own leggings that fit like a magic second skin, don’t move around when they shouldn’t and feature real art made by real artists as the designs.

            its a lot longer but I like it much better! seems a bit more personal. A little tweaking still but better than the last ?

          • Jenny Spring says:

            Love love love it!

  4. Donna Holmes 2:19pm Aug 28
    Jenny this is the USP I have come up with. …. My name is Donna, I love clothes but fed up with fast fashion and overly expensive Designer fashion I created a clothing label that caters for my lifestyle. Timeless pieces, relaxed easy styling made from beautiful quality fabrics at an affordable price-point.

    • Jenny Spring says:

      Hey Donna

      Good stuff.

      How about adding a bit more about your lifestyle? What kind of lifestyle is that? Are you a Mum who doesn’t want to be a slave to the ironing board? So instead of the last sentence, take some of that and build it further into the Who are you, which is the person you want us to relate to.

      Your opening sentence is good. Maybe you can put a little more description int the ‘I love xxxx clothes’ part.

      Can’t wait to see how you progress on this.

      And BTW — love the look of your clothes!


  5. Great Article!

    I think Im a little schizophrenic in my craft and have difficulties deciding whether or not to stick to one thing or diversify. I’ve come up with this but think perhaps it is too vague?

    Hi There, my name is Emma, i loved decorating my home with unique artwork and nostalgic geekery but was fed up paying for a machine made product that lacked individuality so I created my own customisable designs framed in embroidery hoops that are affordable and distictly handmade to brighten up a dull space.

    Any suggestions?

    • Jenny Spring says:

      Hi Emma

      Wow — love your stuff!

      You are getting really close, and lots of good stuff here.

      How about something along these lines…

      Hi, my name is Emma, I love decorating my home with nostaligic geekery and xxx artwork, but was fed up with the blandness that didn’t reflect my xxx side. So I created a way to brighten up a dull space in my home and bring a bit of quirk to my decor…

      This still needs a bit of work, but you see where I’m going?

      Keep away from affordable and customizable, and think of what it looks like on the wall, and how it makes us smile if we own one?

  6. Oh I like it! Its much more personal and less business robot. I will work on this xxx detail.

    Thank you for your comments and advice, i think this is the first time I’ve ever asked myself why i really do what i do, other than just because i like creating. If you ever write a “Fill in the blanks” for writing up listings Id love to read it..

    • Jenny Spring says:

      Thanks Emma.

      Can you explain what you mean by ‘listings’? I’m keen to know what things you struggle with, and happy to put together something that makes growing your business easier.


      • Sorry Jenny, I sell on Etsy so I meant my product listings. I like to be completely transparent with my products and I just hope that buyers realize that handmade doesnt always mean perfect, I want to be proffesional but also down to earth and this is where I struggle.

        Ive also been working on my USP…

        Hi, my name is Emma, I love decorating my home with nostaligic geekery and original artwork, but was fed up with the blandness that didn’t reflect my humorous side. So I created a way to brighten up a dull space in my home and bring a bit of quirky fun to my decor

        • Jenny Spring says:


          That is great.

          It makes me want to say ‘really, what did you create’? And that leads you deeper into your sales process.

          That is what it is. Each step leads to the next one.

          Good stuff!

  7. I love The Rebel Yell.
    Here’s mine.

    My name is Phillipa Kiripatea, I love marketing but was fed up with seeing so many women entrepreneurs struggle in their businesses because they were trying to market themselves like everyone else. So I created a program that enables them to learn how to be their real selves in business, make enlightened connections with their ideal client and double their income year after year.

  8. Cynthia Dawson says:

    Hi Jenny,

    I have thought of what you mentioned for a while and think that that main difference of my business is the perosnalised service I offer. So here we go:
    My name is Cynthia and I love Accounting and Bookkeeping but was fed up with the extreme pricing and lack of personal services by Accountants. So I created Dawson Books and BAS that offers an affordable, personalised service tailored just for your business, one where the little guy is just as important as the big guys.

  9. My name is Karen. I love cute plates for my kids but was fed up with tacky, plastic dinnerware. So I created funky dinnerware for kids that looks great and gets the kids running to the table!

    • Hello Karen. Yes, your dinnerware is funky!

      This is good. I’ll make a small suggestion.

      As a Mum of teenagers, I remembered that the struggle wasn’t to get the kids to the table, but to get them to eat what was on their plate. So possibly you might change your wording to reflect the problem that Mum’s have. Is it that the kids won’t come to the table? Or that they won’t eat the ‘good’ stuff on their plate?

      Or possibly what the Mum wants is to create a happy memory of family time spent at the table. Maybe it has nothing to do with the food at all?

      Does this help?

  10. My name is Banika and I love coming home from work and changing into my PJ’s! But I was fed up with unexpected visitors that could tell I was in PJ’s. So I create a range of clothing for wearing at home, that you can be comfortable in but still looking nice enough to wear out!

    • That is a good start Banika… we all love working from home in our PJs, without looking like we’ve just climbed out of bed.

      I’d suggest you work on the second sentence a little more – try not to use ‘nice’ – see what the thesaurus might offer up instead.

      • Thanks Jenny, changed a little at end, replaced nice with Respectable!

        My name is Banika and I love coming home from work and changing into my PJ’s!
        But I was fed up with unexpected visitors that could tell I was in PJ’s. So I create a range of clothing to wear at home, that you can still be comfortable in while looking respectable enough to go out!

  11. My name is Tracy, just like you, I love to find fabulous things that will keep my baby and me happy and comfortable, but was fed up with all the boring, generic baby items that everyone seemed to have. Can’t we have fun with this babyhood and be a bit different, but still practical? So I created a shop full of fun and funky that will genuinely work for you and your beautiful bubba!

    Arrghh! So frustrating, I can feel it but can’t quite spit it out. Any advice much appreciated!

    • Hello Tracy.

      Great to hear about your business and what you do.

      This is a great first attempt, you are really close.

      I’m not sure what you mean by ‘genuinely work for you …’, so I’d suggest a bit of a rework around that. Maybe remove the second and rework that into the last sentence?

      I also find that the thesaurus is a handy tool if I’m using cliched words.

      It is hard work isn’t it!

  12. My name is Katie and I love bookkeeping but was sick of the lack of support provided to small businesses. So I created Efficient Business Services where I can provide initial and ongoing support specifically for your business.

    Bland and boring but I can’t seem to get it out succinctly.

    • Hi Katie

      Good for you!

      I would suggest the ‘initial and ongoing support specifically for your business’ is a little generic. What makes your support better than all the others out there? What is the special flavour that you bring to it? What do you do, and how (or why?).


  13. Hi Jenny!

    Thanks for reposting this. It’s a fun little exercise isn’t it?
    You have a special talent for inspiring people to take action.

    Thanks for all you do…

  14. Hi Jenny!
    Would love your advice with this one please:
    I needed a product that would give relief to my teething baby, but I was fed up with the heavy, plastic teethers available: too difficult for baby to hold, always being dropped and getting dirty, and too hard for sensitive little gums to chomp on. So I found silicone teething jewellery, with no nasty chemicals, just the right texture and resistance for baby’s emerging teeth. It’s worn by mum for safe keeping and looks fabulous too!

  15. Hi Jenny
    I’m a little bit scared about posting this out there but I’ve been playing with this a bit today and would love your advice.

    My name is Sarah, I love to sew but was fed up with dragging two kids around a fabric store and still not remembering to buy everything I needed to finish my project. So I’ve created mailable sewing kits that contains everything you need to make the item so your creative time remains frustration-free.

  16. Hi Jenny – I’d LOVE your input, I’m struggling with locking down exactly how to express my business as each client I have has very different needs – I’m trying to capture the Mum who is totally party crazy and whats a complete customised party ware theme to the mum who only wants a small home party and only wants the cups and plates – my originally business concept was Themed party ware packs – ie pick a theme and select the invite & thank you pack, Decoration Pack and/or the Table ware pack to suit… i’m still trying to get everything up on my web site but need to lock down a USP… sorry for the easy! so here goes: my USP…

    My name is Shelley aka Paper Face – Children’s Party Boutique, I love party ware but was fed up with hunting all over the place, only to come across tat that was low quality and just didn’t say wow. And so I created a place to purchase beautiful party ware be it a packet of cups, a personalised invite or a whole themed party setting. (designed and sourced by me).

    • Hi Shelley.

      Don’t worry about trying to be everything to everyone, or you risk being nothing to no one. Instead, think about your very best customer, and think of her when you write, when you build your website, and when you choose your products.

      Your USP is getting there. However, I’d suggest you rewrite the ‘quality and didn’t say wow’ and try to express what it is that your really want. This way you might connect to the problem that your best customer faces. What is that? A birthday party that the other Mums envy? One that their kids never forget? What is it they want?

      Hope that helps.

      Also, I’d recommend you consider the Website Tweaks course, you are at a critical stage, and an investment in this course can see returns over 25% above what you would otherwise get.


  17. Hi Jenny,

    I am about to launch a new product and still have to create my website. Do you think whilst the website is being created i could plug the following USP on the ‘Coming Soon’ page on my website or just leave it as coming soon or put something shorter? Any feedback would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanking you in advance :)

    My name is Kristen, I love a good snooze but was fed up with not being able to sleep well during daylight hours with the sun glaring in through my bedroom window both at home and whilst travelling so I created The Sleep In, a portable blackout blind that aims to improve sleep quality by providing a dark, cooler sleep environment anytime, anywhere. Ideal for parents with early risers, travellers, shift workers, renters or anyone wanting a portable alternative to expensive, permanent window coverings.

    • Hello Kristen. How exciting!
      Firstly, the best thing you can do on your home page (coming soon) is load on a email signup box with a reason for them to sign up.

      Secondly, to answer your question about your USP, I’d cut it down a bit. That first sentence is a mouthful, and you could pull out several words and it will still convey your wish for a nice dark room to sleep in.

      Also, I think it is a bit general and that makes it a little confusing. Is it for people who travel? Or is it to be installed in your home? I’d be careful about being general, and suggest you be more specific with the WHO would use it.

      But all in all, sounds like a fantastic idea, and one I couldv’e used a hundred times over!


  18. Thanks Jenny!

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