The art of increasing your website conversion rates: why a little flirting can help you sell online

You’d be surprised to know how many of our customers call us because they are perplexed by the lack of sales on their websites. They’ve spent thousands developing flashy new websites, employing copywriters to create engaging copy for them but in the end, very few prospects press that “Buy now” button. When they come to us they are desperate to increase website conversion rate, and all I hear are … [Read more...]

Are the rotating images on your website killing sales?

Every single person landing on your website is a potential buyer that can increase your website sales , whether that’s a product, service or pure information. But are your website visitors taking the action you want them to? To make them take action, you need to make their visit pleasant, easy and clear of clutter and distractions. Your site needs to be clear with what you are … [Read more...]

Does your website survive the 5 second test?

5 seconds is as fast as thiiiissss.... If you want to get more sales and more leads on your website, it is easier than you may think. No matter what you hope to achieve, the most important thing you want is the stranger's attention. And it needs to occur within 5 seconds. This is easier said than done. Here is a simple 5 second test. Let someone look at your site for 5 seconds, … [Read more...]

Unique selling proposition Fill-in-the-Blanks template

Writing your unique selling proposition (USP), or elevator pitch, is difficult. Trying to disseminate your business into one or two sentences that highlight what makes your business, your business sounds easy. But it isn't ... until the Fill-in-the-blanks USP template! When Kevin Rogers, ex-comedian and now expert copywriter and owner of The Copywriter's Edge  blogged about building your USP … [Read more...]

Your website is not creative unless it sells

David Ogilvy was a great advertising guy. In 1962, Time magazine hailed him 'the wizard of modern advertising'. He was responsible for many memorable adverts and worked with companies like Schweppes and Rolls Royce. He was a pioneer of soft-sell ads that were full of information and didn't insult the intellingence of the reader. Ogilvy knew the point of advertising. ... it is useless … [Read more...]

Magic Persuasive Words: Part 3

Please don't be annoyed with me this week. Thank you in advance! Following on from our magic persuasive words from the previous two posts, we have the all time favourites: PLEASE! THANK YOU! When someone says please, you know they are asking for a favour. Don't you? Do you feel coerced? Manipulated? Upset that they are using words to cajole their way into getting … [Read more...]

Magic Persuasive Words: Part 2

I’ve been obsessed with the reality TV show “The Voice”. Not only do I love the calibre of talent, but I’m rather taken with Seal. Why? Because he has a magnetic personality, and people can’t help but do what he says. So when one of the other judges – Joel from Good Charlotte – said “I said exactly the same thing, but he said it smoother”, it highlighted how easily the right words can be … [Read more...]

Magic Persuasive Words: Part 1

Ever wondered about those people who seem to be able to find the right words at the right time? And get what they want? Maybe you are one of those people? If not, read on. There are some simple words that we can use that will increase our chances of getting ' YES', an agreement, a buy in. Here is one. BECAUSE. Because has roots in our childhood, doesn't it? 'You can't go play … [Read more...]

How to increase sales 6X

Maybe you are a product designer, and believe that the key to success if having lots of products.  Or a shop owner and have been buying lots of stock. Or a website developer with menus of service offerings. Increasing your product choices could be reducing your sales. Is there such a thing as too many choices? Have you ever found yourself paralysed and not been able to make a decision? So you … [Read more...]