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  • Understanding terminology for wholesale, consignment and drop shipping
  • Setting margins for successful wholesaling
  • Understanding buying cycles and what influences them
  • How to choose your Wholesale product line - what to leave out
  • Paperwork you need to be a successful wholesaler
  • How to profile your best customer (persona) & how this one step will put your ahead of your competitors
  • How to profile and identify the best shops for your product range
  • How to identify your unique selling proposition, and how to write it
  • How email can be your key to wholesale success
  • Step by step understanding a successful email script
  • How to customize the email for your own business
  • How to get an appointment from an elusive retailer
  • Step by step through the phone call with the retailer
  • How to customize the phone call for your product range
  • What you must do prior to the appointment to show your range
  • What you must find out when you are showing your range
  • How to show your range to ensure a sale
  • How to work with a sales agent to represent your product range

But that's not all ...

Each and every Vault member receives unfettered access to our private mastermind group.  Current members of this group include:

  • The successful homewares wholesaler who is distributes across three continents
  • The kid's swimwear wholesaler who manufactures her products overseas and also distributes outside Australia
  • The women's eco fashion clothing business owner who also runs a national women's business training organisation
  • A homeware's business owner who has recently awarded Silver in a National Award for her business
  • The founder of a women's accessories company that is just featured in a fashion video series
  • The owner of an import business who is now a retailer as well
  • The founder and Telstra Woman of the Year finalist who owns 15 physio centres
  • along with a smattering of:

  • skincare, women's fashion, men's fashion, accessories, kid's wear, kid's toys ...

Once you have shown that you are fully committed to this group, these members (and others) will be ready, willing and able to come to your aid. 

But fair warning: You will be expected to do the same.​

So you get it all....  The complete Wholesaler Library Vault worth $946...

... over 18 videos, 5 custom worksheets, 2 ebooks, 3 interviews, the margin and markup calculator, too many to count sample linesheets and catalogues for you to swipe ideas from ....

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Your Wholesale Library Vault is brought to you exclusively by Jenny Spring.

Jenny SpringFounder, Spring into Sales.
Previous owner of bragbags Australia.
Business Author.

This is the accumulation of knowledge and first-hand experience from my 10 years as an Australian wholesaler. I've left nothing out of this Wholesaler's Vault. You get all my first-hand experience as a wholesaler as well as all my learnings from interviews with successful retailers and 25 year experienced sales agents.

Amy, Kookery

Before I had even completed the course, my sales had almost doubled. I highly recommend it. 

Stacey, Inuk Kid's Wear

One of the biggest hurdles that I have is wholesaling to new stockists. I find it intimidating and scary making contact. The techniques I learned worked really well which meant I didn't have to cold call anymore, my stockists appreciated my products, and I ended up selling a lot more.

stacey hated cold calling

Melanie, Twenty Two Folds

The Wholesale Course has given me a great place to start. I know what needs to be done now. It has brought to my attention questions I need to ask about my business and how I can make wholesaling work for me. It has got me really motivated.

twenty two folds success in wholesaling

Petra, Petra Vanessie

I just wanted to quickly say how much I enjoyed it - because of the knowledge you imparted and also importantly for creating such a great group that allow us to get together more intimately and also share experiences. Thank You so much.

petra vanessie

Yenny, Dirt By Earth Design

I just wanted to thank you for the wholesale course.

Not only have learned how to set prices on my product and to find suitable shops that will be a good match for my company. The best thing has been to be a part of your design community, where I have met other designers who are in the same situation as me and that shares the same visions of making a strong brand for themselves

learning to wholesale

Kathii, Evaglo

This gave us so much clarity on our business. We have cut our time in half but still make the same money! We refocussed on what was important, and cut down our work week dramatically. We now think of different ways to approach the same problem which is exactly what we needed to get on the track we are on now.

learning to wholesale

Tracy, Teething Bling Australia

This course is content rich with no waffling!

petra vanessie

Please note:  if you get more than one product in your shopping cart, just continue through with your order, and I'll send you through an immediate refund for the additional product!  Or, email me at and I'll fix for you. Sorry... a weird little glitch we are working on...