Why Facebook is like real life and how to stop freaking out about it.

Jon Spence

Facebook isn’t so hard, but why do we keep freaking out about it?

Gotta post everyday. No-one is reading my posts. No-one cares about me. How do I get more likers. What do I post….

Refocus your purpose on Facebook and answer this question.


a. a total stranger?

b. the friend of your current customer?

If you answer ‘a’ then you just got evicted from the island. If you answered ‘b’, then read on!

Facebook is like real life. Need to find a good doctor? Ask a friend for a referral. Need to find a painfree dentist? Ask a friend. Need to find a reliable hairdresser? Ask a friend. A restaurant? Friend. You get it?

So why do we change gears when we are on Facebook? Why do we forget the power of simple connections, the power of referrals and Word of Mouth recommendations.

Building your business isn’t about getting total strangers to click ‘like’ and then ignore you. It is about getting referrals from your existing likers. They already like you, they already think you are cool, and they already have friends who like them and think they are cool.

We are social folks aren’t we. We typically hang with people who are like us, and who like things we like. So when we have someone we like, we want to share the love.  Are you following?

So the answer to building your fanbase is by getting your likers to get their friends to like you as well.

So stop freaking out, and start being a friend to your likers. And their friends. Here are some ideas that you can start tomorrow.

  1. Ask your likers to interact with your content. Ask them to comment, like, or do something active on your page.
  2.  Run a contest where your likers tell you something about themselves (be careful, use a 3rd party app so you keep within the Facebook guidelines)
  3.  Get your likers to post photos of themselves on your wall
  4.  Do a feature of your likers on your wall, hopefully with a photo as well
  5.  Give your likers some incentive for sharing (again careful of contest rules)
  6.  Have the goal of your contest be for sharing with your likers friends, rather than to have a huge number of entries.
  7.  Do something that compels your likers to share an image you have found or created.
  8.  Run a special event that gets your likers to excitement pitch so they’ll invite their friends.


Choose 1 item from the list, and do it. Tomorrow. Then rinse and repeat.

Can you tell me what you tried and how it worked…. or not.




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