Your website is not creative unless it sells

David Ogilvy was a great advertising guy.

Websites that Sell

Does your website sell for you?

In 1962, Time magazine hailed him ‘the wizard of modern advertising’.

He was responsible for many memorable adverts and worked with companies like Schweppes and Rolls Royce.

He was a pioneer of soft-sell ads that were full of information and didn’t insult the intellingence of the reader.

Ogilvy knew the point of advertising.

… it is useless to be creative, original thinker, unless you can sell what you create.

What did Ogilvy know that we need to know today.

  • cleverness didn’t sell more products.
  • wittiness for the sake of it didn’t sell more products.
  • design, for design’s sake, didn’t sell more products.

If you aren’t clear about who to connect to and how to sell to your audience, then any amount of creativity is a waste of time.

So what does this mean to you and your website?

Creativity doesn’t have a point if all it does is confuse people. And reduce your sales.

Why do you have a website?

No, it isn’t to ‘get your brand out there’!

The purpose of a website is to get more customers and make more sales.

Have you noticed how much our buying patterns have changed. It’s crazy. It won’t be long before the Yellow Pages will be extinct. That we’ll say I need to ‘Google that’, and not I need to search for that.

We don’t want to search. We want to find.

And when we find, what are we doing?

We are making decision. In fact, 80% of people decide who they want to spend their money with through online searches.  By looking at your website.

So who does your website stack up?

Is it creative?

Or does it sell?

If 80% of people are making their buying decisions on the internet, is your website connecting with them as future buyers?

When I see so many websites, they are beautifully creative, pretty soft hues. Designed to creative perfection.

And yet the business owners are unhappy. Miserable. Going out of business.

Is your website:

  • built for the ‘finder’? The future buyer of your products or services?
  • answering the finder’s 3 important questions?
  • answering the finder’s 3 important questions in 7 seconds?
  • knowing what the finder needs and how to give it to them?

Ogilvy was clear on his purpose. To create advertising that sells.

Is your website clear on its purpose?

So when you tweak, or even overhaul your website, who will you call first?

A creative person?

Or a sales person?

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  1. Yes! I’m so glad to find someone preaching this. The only thing that matters in any form of marketing – website, copy, social media – is does it increase sales? There are so many highly creative and highly sought after designers who have no idea how to design a website that converts. The same goes for copywriters. Winning awards is great, but contributing to the bottom line is better.

  2. Awesome article! Hiring a creative person or sales person? What is more important? Something to really think about when you are trying to create a decent income. Most entrepreneur focus on pretty. Pretty doesn’t produce sales if you can’t solve their problems. Thanks do much for your article. I plan to share it!

  3. This is awesome Jenny! I loved the way you connected your point to Ogilvy. It really hit home seeing a gigantic brand like that validate this post. This helped me make the whole process of maximizing the impact of my website easy with the key strategic questions you mentioned. I started asking myself those questions and I realized that there is always room for improvement, so I got work to do. It got me thinking. Definitely got some key new things to implement. Thanks for your invaluable insight Jenny.

  4. Love this post Jenny!
    It’s what I preach all the time about Facebook and social media too. It’s not about “brand awareness”, it’s about getting leads and making sales.
    Earlier in my business I was all about brand awareness and professional image yadi yada, but then it clicked – it’s a waste of time doing anything if you’re not making any sales.

    • Jenny Spring says:

      Thanks Phillipa. Great to have a Social Diva confirm this as well! Branding is an excuse for ‘I can’t give you real results’…

      • It so is an excuse. But what I’ve found is that business owners have it ingrained in them that branding is what they need. They think that is what is going to make them money. So now we’ve got to re-educate the market so they’ve got it right.

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